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Truth...Or Not...

Everything is true. As Discordians we accept this as a basic fundamental "ism". But just because something is true doesn't mean that it isn't completely full of crap. To truely embrace the Discordian way we have to find that line right on the edge of complete gullability and absolute denial. We have to accept that everything is true, but not everything is worthy of belief. And we have to decide which is which on our own on the fly.

The Principia illustrates this fundamental system in the interview with Mal 2 in the beginning, where he states that everything is true. Then apparently contradicts this with the Pentabarf by stating that a discordian is forbidden from believing what he or she reads. On the surface these two ideas seem to be complete opposites. They are not.

To accept that everything is true, is not necessarily to believe it. I can accept that until I know otherwise the words coming from my television are true. I don't, however, have to believe that they accurately represent reality. In fact I may choose to throw up the BS flag everytime a newscaster speaks. Especially if they are the words of a politician or city official or a newscaster, or a citizen of the city. But that doesn't mean that they are lieing at the moment. As Obi Wan said, "A great many of the truths we hold dear depend on our own point of view." Consider a car crash. 10 people witness the car crash and the police will take 10 completely different statements some of which will directly contradict each other. They aren't lieing per se, but they aren't giving accurate information either. This is because a cabbage is incapable of seeing the world from any other perspective than their own. Their own personal greyface filters cloud what they see and help them to interpret the events accordingly. Everyone's filters are different and unique to their personal experiences. So naturally everone that witnessed the accident sees a different accident. The police know this and using that knowledge access multiple points of view to try to gain a more clear picture of what actually happened. As Discordians we strive to put on as many filters as possible without the need for outside assistance in order to understand our world better and be more aware of our surroundings.

Not believing what you read isn't a law stating that if you read something you are forbidden from ever believing it. It is a cautionary rule warning us to not accept something just because it's written down. I am writing this and I believe it to be true with every fiber of my being, but it could very well be that I'm full of shit. I know and accept this to be the case. However if you read my drivel, think about if for a time and decide that you agree with me, then by all means believe it. Just don't take what I am saying as fact because it's written down somewhere.

So the bottom line is... Everyone is full of shit. They are scared to death that you will find this out and their ego can't handle that, so they will say and do a great many foolish things in defense of their ego. We all will. Accept what people say as truth, be wary of believing it. And don't call them out publicly on it. You will have a much more peaceful existance. Everything is true (from a certain point of view). Don't believe anything you read or hear (unless you've thought about it, researched it and come to the same conclusion on your own). Ronald Reagan used to say, "Trust but verify" everytime he signed an agreement with the Soviets. I believe he got it from a Russian proverb, but you never know unless you look into it for yourself...

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