The Wholly Chao Cabal

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About us

A service group for the New Generation

Vision: A world class organization helping the disenfranchised and otherwise wicked take a more active role in improving themselves and the world.

Mission: The Wholly Chao Cabal ( will use Discordian and other Complexity Theories to advance the lives, careers, and engagement of the disenchanted, disenfranchised or just confused people.


  1. Individual Liberty
  2. Fun
  3. Laughter
  4. Courage
  5. There is no Number 5
  6. Integrity
  7. Service
  8. Chaos


  1. Acts as a board of directors
  2. Guides and controls the organization

Voice of the Goddess

  1. The Marketing aspect with focus on viral marketing, and technology based methods to get the work out.
  2. Also helps to spread the word on embracing Discordianism (as an anti-ism) as a change cat-alyst. Catma vs Dogma.
  3. Provides information on Paradigm Shifting techniques

Good Works

1. Provides the projects for social benefit

For more info on how we got started... Click here.

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