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Giant Ego or Genius

Some readers who are religious may be offended by some the things I say in this entry. If you are religious, and you get to a point where you just can't wait to the end to make a comment, please read the last paragraph before you make a comment. It may save you some time.
I watched a documentary about Albert Einstein a few weeks ago. I left me perplexed and generally questioning Einstein's greatness. Everyone knows about his famous mass/energy conversion equation. I've even seen it on T-shirts. But what is less known and the source of my consternation is that he spent his last few years on this earth ignoring and more or less discounting important findings in the area of quantum physics. I'm not going to rehash the documentary here but to summarize… Einstein didn't like the inherent unpredictability of quantum particles. It wasn't in keeping with what he thought God's ordered universe would and should be. On the one hand I'm almost offended at his ego in thinking that he could comprehend a mind as complex and powerful as a deity, much less, The Deity. Then again I'm shocked and astounded that a brilliant and rational mind, such as his, would ignore important scientific studies and findings because of a religious viewpoint. And the irony of the whole thing is that Quantum physicists are close to completing the work that Einstein was trying to prove when he died. He was trying to find a unified theory to explain everything in the Universe. He felt that God would have made an ordered and predictable Universe, so Quantum physics had to be wrong because it was filled with random events. The problem I have with his inability to get past his religious viewpoints is this. When Jesus was born, the people still believed that the earth was flat and that it was the center of the universe and that everything in the sky moved around the earth. Now, bearing in mind that we were completely wrong about all of that (with the one exception of our moon) and those things are readily apparent for us to see and study, I ask you this. How can you possibly believe that the people of that time got their theories about a being as complex, abstract and powerful as The One True God, correct the first time out? Our view of the universe has been changed several times in the last 2000 years, but our view of god has not. In fact the older your view of God is, the more adamant your fellow believers are that they are right and everyone else is wrong. So, why didn't Einstein even consider the possibility that he was wrong? That is the nature of the scientific method! This is not a new concept. It has probably been tossed around for decades at least. I'm sure that it must have at least been presented to Einstein if it had not occurred to him on his own. I guess he wasn't really clinging to a 2000 year old view of God, but his own view of God. Which I can respect a little more, since it means that he at least thought about God and decided what he was going to believe instead of just accepting whatever the priests of his church fed him. In which case we get back to his amazing ego! Can you imagine the size of his own self importance to think that he knew the mind of God? I really would have loved to have met him. Even though I can be seen as criticizing him, I am filled with a profound sense of relief. Einstein was plagued with all of the shortcomings that make us human. And he was a genius to boot! I think that this may be his biggest contribution to humanity. That it is possible for a mere human to have such a huge impact on our advancement; and still be human at the most basic levels. Maybe there is hope for our species after all. Before you waste your time damning me to Hell, just know this. I have in my possession several passes for the gates of Hell that read, "Head of the Line Privileges shall be granted to the soul in possession of this pass." So, your work is already done, if you're going to comment on the entry then try to stay on topic. And, just in case you're wondering, this entry isn't about religion or God… Hopefully you can figure out what it is about on your own.
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