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My air conditioning unit stopped working on August 31, 2006. Which sucked, but these things happen. So, I call the service techs in. I was very lucky and managed to score an appointment the next day, this being the peak season for these guys I considered it a good omen. So, tech shows up early the next day, and looks at my A/C unit.
"Oh yeah," he says, "Blower motor is frozen. Gonna have to replace it."
Guy spends the next hour on the phone trying to identify the part number and get the motor ordered. Finally find the part and discover that they have to replace a capacitor along with the motor. So he puts together a quote for me, tells me that the parts and labor w/ the diagnostics is going to total out at $417 and some change.
"Ok," I say(cuz I really don't have a choice, I need cool air), "Lets get the parts ordered and put 'em in."
He orders the parts and schedules the next available appointment for me 2 weeks later!!!
I'm a patient guy, so I bite my tongue and accept my fate. Fortunately we only got up to 100 degrees F about 5 times in the two week period, so all and all it could have been worse...
Parts show up on Sept 7 and the repair tech ( a different guy) again astonishes me by showing up early on Sept 13, to install the parts. And here is where everything goes sideways...
He replaces the mystical capacitor and turns on the unit, it starts up! I'm excited! :) yeah! I say... When are you going to be done.
He informs me that the "Motor is fine" and writes me a parts refund slip for the motor. Closes up the A/C and finishes his paperwork. I sign of on the job and he leaves. The A/C is running this whole time. I'm very pleased.
10 minutes after he leaves, it stops working... odd but not unusual if I have the thermostat set too high, and it could be with 2 different techs monkeying with it, so I check the stat. I'm assuming that the A/C should have been on, cuz the stat worked fine up until it failed and my house didn't feel like it was 50 degrees F. So, I call tech at his cell phone and tell him what happened.
He returns and informs me very politely that I'm a filthy home owner and if I cleaned my A/C filter and the inside of the blower's compartment it wouldn't be overheating and shutting down. Again he leaves and I don't complain as I'm very excited that my A/C will work properly again, once I do the right thing and clean it...
An hour later and a lot of vacuuming, I have a clean A/C blower compartment and filter that is so clean it looks brand new. I close up the covers and fingers a twitch'n I turn it back on. Still setting the Thermostat to 50 cuz I want to make sure It's gonna run for more than 5 minutes. It doesn't.
I Call the tech again, this time no answer... :( I leave a message detailing what I've done and ask for further advice. Also, noting that by this time my excitement has worn off and I notice that the motor for the blower is humming. For those of you not familiar with electric motors... if they are humming they are under too much load and pulling an enormous amount of electricity to keep turning. Since this motor was engineered into the system, I have to assume that this is NOT normal. Anyway, he never returned my call. But I patiently waited until the next day.
I call the service center and after a maze of guessing and guessing wrong in the phone systems automated menu I finally got a human being on the phone. I explained the situation to her and explained that the system still wasn't working. She informed me that the next available appointment wasn't for a week, I was not pleased. ;) I managed to get her to schedule an emergency visit for the following day.
Once again the tech (yet another person) amazes me by showing up early, when in the history of time has this happened so many times. I would rather they showed up late and fixed the problem, personally. But, I guess you can't have everything. Anyway, He listens to my story, and the A/C unit and agrees that the motor is definatley not sounding right. He informs me that SOP would have been for the other guy to drop the motor off at the shop and ship it back to their vendor, but He is going to try to track it down and hopefully get it. He will call me and let me know... famous last words...
That was Friday, Sept 15, 2006. I waited, patiently I think, until today to call the service center again and navigate that maze of a phone menu to get to a person. I got a very nice lady on the phone that informed me that she can't make head or tales of the situation based on the notes in my record but, the good news is that she can tell me that I have an appointment for Tuesday Sept 26 to have a tech come out. For what she couldn't say and there was no record of the tech that placed the appointment.
They say you catch more bees with honey than vinegar... That may be true, but I'm beginning to think that a 12 gauge shotgun would be more satisfying.
I have no Idea who I can call to get a real answer and I'm going to have to play my cards right so that I don't offend them as they already have my freaking money!
Who, you ask, is doing this to me? The government? Some angry person bent on revenge? No, it's SEARS Service and Repair Center! I have such a good relationship with their sales business, I didn't even think to question their customer service for repairs...
So here I am looking at a month with no A/C and all I can say is, "What the fuck?"

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