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Stink Hand and Star Wars

When I was a young boy, I overheard my mother telling a story about me as a very small child. She was telling one of her friends of a day not long after I was potty trained... Apparently, ( I say that cuz my memory's a little fuzzy on this. ) She was checking on me while I was take'n a crap and found me bent over looking between my legs at my hand. Of course from the angle she was seeing this from, she couldn't see my hand. So, she asked the obvious question, "What are you doing?" and being a child I answered simply and honestly, "checking to see if my butt is clean."
With a hmph, she left the room.
Then I threw the toilet paper I was holding into the toilet and reached for more, once the toilet paper came away clean, I knew my "butt was clean"
Now, the way she told the story always ended with the person hearing the story saying, "He stuck his finger where?!!??" It dawned on me that she thought I had stuck my finger in there to see if it came away clean.
It was a startling realization and I was deeply hurt that she would think I would do that. ( I was still a child remember ) It wasn't until many years later that I realized that this whole situation had a much more profound lesson for me to learn.
This happened when I was a little older, Star Wars had just been release on VHS and everyone had to have a copy. So I was re-watching the third movie for the first time since I was 10 or so. In Jedi, that's Return of the Jedi for you non-nerds out there, It gets to the point where Luke is discussing with Obi'Wan the fact that Vader is his father and that no one told Luke the truth about it. Obi'Wan tells Luke that, "A great many of the truths that we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view."
That sounded so deep and insightful at the wise old age of 16 or 17. It occurred to me that my mother had been telling that story about me for a really long time and from her perspective, she told it exactly as it happened. But if you turn the situation around and look at if from my perspective, it's still a damned humiliating story and completely untrue! Alas I was already instilled with a deep fear of Mom's wrath that still rides with me to this day and so I waited many years to actually tell her what happened that day, so long ago. It is a story which ended predictably enough, with me in pain and my mother ranting about how she had been wronged by me. Because I let her tell a story to her friends that wasn't true, for some 20 years. She wasn't concerned with the wisdom of multiple perspectives at all.
It is because of this that I can accept the fact that, "Everything is true." without losing my wafer thin hold on reality.
-Hail Eris!!!

Posted by Frater V:I: at 10:46 AM - 1 Comment


The powerful lesson of Stink Hand is important my son... LOL! That was a great story. How many stories do our parents and friends tell that we just let go, simply because their version is a lot funnier than ours? I have a friend whose version of certain stories makes me look better and better as the years go by. Why destroy a good story? :)

- The Rev

by Rev. Tom on Sunday March 26, 2006 @ 5:15 PM

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