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With a Thunderous Yawn

I guess it would be important to wow the would be readers of this with some fantastic bit-o-wisdom or something that dramatically demonstrates how smart and underappreciated I am in my life. But, no one is going to read this anyway... So, instead of starting with a bang and a flash, I'm going to open with a yawn and a stretch. I was until just today, well that's not really true. How bad is it if you start off by lying to the blog? Ok I have a domain, and on this domain was a website that I stopped maintaining about 4 years ago... By maintaining I mean updating and modifying and adding content. So today I thought, man 6 years ago that website really looked cool. But today it's kinda pathetic. I haven't had any recent runs of creativity so it stays that way... Ugh! So today I decided to take it down. I put a new page up that tells would be visitors that they needn't bother. In it's place I am placing this blog.After many, many, many hours of research and reading I decided that a blog service was the way to go. Ok, truthfully it only took me about 20 minutes. However, I also felt that paying for one right out of the starting gate would be the dumbest thing I could do. Since, for starters, I've never done it before. And, one should really try out a hobby before paying for it, whenever possible that is. So being free, easy and at the top of my search results on Ask Jeeves, Blogstream won out for my membership.During my initial startup and searching around the site, I see that I got pretty lucky, the community here a Blogstream seems, albeit at first glance, to be pretty friendly and well, smarter than your average citizen. And if they aren't well my first two or even three hobbies will get lots of activity. So, it is with a little apprehension and a fair amount of excitement that I click submit on my first entry. And as promised I finish with a yawn and a stretch.

Well, I just read it Frater VI. Welcome to Blogstream. This is a relatively new and emerging network, and there are some really kind, generous and fascinating people hereabouts. Happy New Year

by DeBunkem on Saturday December 31, 2005 @ 10:42 PM
The Stream is a great community. Welcome and have a great new year!!!

by Missy on Sunday January 1, 2006 @ 12:39 PM
Thanks guys, I'm gonna try. Or as Yoda would advise... I'm gonna. See ya 'round the block ;)

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