The Wholly Chao Cabal

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OMG! I've been so wrong! Please accept my Apologies! FNORD!

Discordianism Exposed! Those guys over at are sooooo smart and clever, I can't believe I fell for this and have been sooooo duped!



Who's scruffy-looking?

~Han Solo, The Empire Strikes Back


If Yoda was Still Alive...

"Chill out you must... Or to the curb I will kick you."

~Yoda if he were alive today


The World

Humanity is the virus; China is the cure...


Magic 8-Ball

Conversations with a magic 8-ball at work...

Me: Should I go home?

8: Prospect is good.

Me: Are you sure I should go home?

8: You can count on it.

There you have it. I'm going home!


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