The Wholly Chao Cabal

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People that live in glass houses Fnord! shouldn't spill the milk.

Hail Eris!!!



This year for Halloween, I'm going to be a missing person... See you in November. :)

~Trick or Treat!



What if we didn't put on a different costume for Halloween, but instead just removed the one we wear everyday?


All Hallow's Eve

It's almost here! I can smell the fear in the neighborhood as everyone senses that the python in my basement is ready to feed.... I'm so excited! <veg>


Last Updated on Monday, 29 March 2010 06:12


It's 3am, no Coffee in site, @ll you have is a wrinkl3d, gnarly 1 dollar bill... At times like these, won truly knows jOy when the venDing machine finally takes your moNey.



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Episode VII - The Force Awakens

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